First time using professional movers? One of the most common questions homeowners have is whether they should tip a mover, and if so, how much? The number one guideline about how to tip a mover is to inquire with the company about their policy on gratuities. Some companies do not allow tipping at all, so it’s important to check with the person handling your relocation before you put your movers in an awkward situation.

If your Atlanta movers do accept tips, here are some guidelines to help you figure out if, when, and how much you should tip.

When to Tip

  • You may decide to tip your movers if:
  • Your move is completed earlier than expected
  • Service is extra friendly or professional
  • Bulky, heavy, or awkward furniture is moved
  • Your movers had to climb an excessive number of stairs

When Not to Tip

  • You’re never obligated to tip, and you definitely shouldn’t if:
  • Your movers show up very late without a reason or apology
  • Any of your questions or directions are ignored
  • You receive disrespectful service

How Much to Tip

There are some places where you know what you’re expected to tip, like 20% at a restaurant, but moving doesn’t have a set standard. Generally, movers aren’t expecting any extra money but a common guideline for how much to tip movers is:

  • $10 per person for a half day
  • $20 per person for a full day

How to Tip Your Movers

It may seem like a silly question, but many homeowners are unsure about how to actually give tips to their movers. You may be able to add your tip amount to the bill or hand money to a supervisor, but moving experts recommend taking the time to tip each mover individually. The easiest way to tip is to fill envelopes with cash, then distribute them to every member of the moving crew with a “thank you.” 

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