Atlanta residential movers

Preparing for a move is hard for those who know what is going on, but now imagine you don’t. You see boxes entering the home. Stuff that once sat on shelves is now disappearing into those boxes. Everyone around you seems on edge and running around like they have so much to do. This probably doesn’t give you pleasant emotions. Imagining it might even give you a sinking feeling in your stomach.

This is similar to what our pets go through. While they may trust us explicitly, they also get stressed and confused by change. There are so ways you can minimize the panic and anxiety. As Atlanta residential movers, the experts at ALS Van Lines have years of experience moving families and their furry members. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

  • Pack Slowly- Make changes at a snail’s pace. Bring in boxes over time and slowly start packing them. This will give your furry friend some time to adjust to the presence of boxes.
  • Take Car Rides- The car can give animals extreme anxiety, especially if they aren’t used to it. Warm them up to a longer car ride with shorter ones around town. Try to make it as pleasant of an experience for them as possible and be sure to give them treats.
  • Keep Favorites Out- While packing, be sure to keep their favorite toys, blankets, and other personal belongings out for them to enjoy on the way. Have their scent and favorite belongings will assure them that their stuff is just fine.
  • See the Vet- Before you leave, schedule a visit with your vet. Make sure you have a copy of their records and all of their shots are up to date. This is also a great time to discuss if any medication would be needed to help with the transition or car ride.

Even though your pets may not know what is going on, you can assure them that everything is okay with these tips. While you are taking care of your furry family members, let us take care of the logistics of your move. We offer complete full service moving options that will ensure you have a smooth relocation. Call or visit our website to get your FREE quote today!