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Welcome to Atlanta, the most vibrant city in Georgia! You made a great choice purchasing a home here. You’re going to love everything about this place, from the farmers’ markets to the festivals. Before you get down to exploring this up-and-coming city, take some time to turn your new house into your home. Even if you previously owned another home, the blank walls and scarcity of furniture before you move in should be an opportunity to get creative and have some fun. And of course, plenty of moving services in Atlanta can help you move the possessions you want to keep. Here are three simple tips from Air-Land-Sea Van Lines to help you quickly settle in and feel at home after your move to Atlanta.

1. Pay someone to move your stuff.

Why should you pay someone to do something you think you can do yourself? Because moving is not fun—or easy! Settling into a new house and turning it into a home should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Atlanta moving services from ALS Van Lines provide everything you need to avoid the stress of having to load up, move, and unpack everything. So pay someone to do it for you while you spend your time and energy creating your perfect home retreat.

2. Leave the walls white.

Sounds ridiculous and boring, right? It’s not. Instead of debating endlessly over which shade of blue is right for your walls, leave them white and add color in different ways. Choose furniture that pops with color for a bold style statement. Add area rugs for the same effect. Bathroom, bathroom, and kitchen linens are also a great place to add color and display your personal style. Window hangings are also perfect for this.

3. Hang some wall decorations.

The options are essentially endless and another great way to add color. Mirrors are the perfect way to add natural light, as well as create the impression of more space in small houses. Commission an artist friend to create something for you. Don’t have any artist friends? No worries, plenty of trendy shops offer beautiful works created by local artists. If art isn’t your thing, consider photographs. Spark your creativity and sense of wonder with your favorite landscape or cityscape photo. Add a touch of family and friends with framed pictures. And don’t worry, ALS Van Lines will keep these precious memories safe during your move to Atlanta.

4. Add some plants.

Yet another way to add color! Plants are also a great way to add balance and structure to any room. By choosing the right plants, you can also ensure that the quality of the air in your home is excellent. NASA has indicated that the best plant for air-filtering is English Ivy. You can use a regular pot or a hanging basket, making this choice even more versatile. Snake plants, rubber trees, and bamboo palm are also good choices for air purification. And after spending too long in the hot Atlanta sun, you’ll be glad you have an aloe plant at home to soothe that sunburn!

These seemingly simple tips give you so many options to create your perfect home. By leaving the walls white, you avoid time-consuming and labor-intensive painting. You also open the options for adding color in creative ways like linens, window coverings, wall decorations, and plants. Showcase your taste with wall decorations, and add balance with some beautiful, air-purifying plants. And most importantly, focus on the fun, creative aspects of moving into your new home and leave the heavy lifting to ALS Van Lines, the best Atlanta moving company. For a free quote, fill out our online form or give us a call. Welcome to your new home!

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