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Planning to relocate this spring? You are not alone. Spring is a popular time to move due to its moderate weather and extended daylight hours. If you are relocating to a new house this season, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your move is seamless. Below are 5 excellent tips that will help you enjoy a successful spring move.

1.) Plan, Plan, Plan

Moving is exciting, but the planning and coordinating of it all can be a drag. Still, planning is an essential part of the relocation process and staying organized will help guarantee a smooth move. We suggest making a detailed to-do list that includes packing, hiring movers, paperwork, cleaning, storage, arranging childcare for moving day, transferring utilities, setting up the internet, and more.

2.) Perform a Thorough Spring Clean

Do you usually spring clean? You can use your move to make the spring-cleaning process even more meticulous than usual. Be ruthless about decluttering so that you are only bringing things that you truly want and need to your new home. And do a detailed cleaning job, which may help your current house sell faster (and even if it doesn’t, the new residents of your home will appreciate it).

3.) Prepare for Rain

The weather in spring can be up and down. Hopefully, you will get a beautiful, clear day for your move. But many spring days are damp and dreary. If it’s raining cats and dogs on moving day, you will want to make sure to have waterproof packing materials. And don’t pack all your raincoats and umbrellas in boxes—be sure to leave a few in an accessible place in case you need them!

4.) Hire Movers Early

During spring, it is likely that moving companies will book up quickly. You should hire your moving team about a month or two in advance to ensure that your movers have space in their calendar. Our Air-Land-Sea Van Line Services moving specialists are always available to schedule your residential move and provide you with a fast and free estimate. We provide customizable moving plans, so if you need assistance with packing, unpacking, furniture assembly, or storage, feel free to inquire about those as well.

5.) Explore and Enjoy

Make time to explore your new neighborhood. Settling into a new place takes time and popping out for a walk around the block or to grab a quick bite at a local restaurant will make you feel a little bit more at home.

ALS Van Lines Can Help Make Your Spring Move Smooth and Stress Free

Our BBB accredited, trained, and skilled movers have 30 years of experience assisting Atlanta area residents with their moves and we would love to help make your next relocation hassle free. Reach out to speak with one of our friendly Customer Support Specialists and get your free estimate today.