3 people in business attire holding moving boxes

Relocations are rarely easy, but when you're coordinating people, equipment, and information all while running a business, it can be downright chaotic. Of course, hiring experienced commercial movers make the whole process smoother. Here are a few tips to help give you a successful business move.

Start Preparations Early

Announce and start preparing for your corporate relocation as early as feasible. Ensure employees know the office will be moving. This gives employees time to remove personal items that don't belong in the business move.

You can also identify old equipment or broken furniture that is no longer used. You can get rid of these items in the weeks or months leading up. This will downsize your move and save costs too.

Set the Date in Stone

Ensure that everyone is ready for the business relocation by setting a date. Call your professional commercial movers and ensure they have availability. Some companies offer weekend or after-hours availability to minimize your company's downtime.

Identify Essential Duties

Some disruption to business operations is inevitable during your office move. However, you can also identify key employees who will telework on the day of your relocation. Those employees can field calls or keep operations running on a skeleton staff basis.

Configure the New Space 

After the last box leaves the old building, you'll want to set up shop to get running in the new location as soon as possible. In order to do this, you'll need to have a pre-established plan for the new office layout. Your professional movers can help you configure the new space and install modular office furniture.

Choose a Dedicated Commercial Mover

For the most streamlined corporate relocations, you need a professional moving and storage company that serves as your partner. Someone to focus on the move, so you can focus on managing employees and operations.

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