Do you need some pointers on how to save money during your upcoming residential move? The team at Air-Land-Sea Van Lines has two decades of secrets and tips that our team has decided to share with you. You do not have to spend a fortune on your next move, simply follow these simple tips to get the best investment move possible

1.Clean Out Your Home

One thing every homeowner should do before they start packing for their next relocation is clean out their homes. The first place we recommend starting is in your closets. If you go through and find that you have not worn things or your children have outgrown their clothing, Goodwill and the Salvation Army love taking care of clothing donations. You can drop off furniture here too.

The pantry is also a good place to go through when preparing for a move. Get rid of anything that is going to expire during your relocation. It is also a good idea to get rid of any food that does not travel well if you are completing a long-distance move. If you have food that is not expired and you do not want to relocate, a local church or food bank would love to take it off your hands.

2.Clean Out Storage Units

Most moving companies will travel all over the city picking up your items from multiple locations. However, this is a big expense because you are paying for the travel time. If you are able to take the time to clean out your storage units before your official moving day and relocate it all to your garage it will save you money on the back end of moving. Remember time and items are the best way to save money during your next move.

3.Be Creative with Your Moving and Packing Materials

When you are packing your items, yourself it can save your money to use towels, blankets, and other soft items to pack other items throughout your home. This padding is great for items that you do not want lost in a box, but they are not great for items that need proper packing to ensure minimal breakage happens. You should consult with a professional packer to make an educated decision on ideal packing procedures.

Do you have boxes around your home? Or better yet do you have access to free boxes from a big box store? This is a great way to save money on boxes that you probably will just need to dispose of when you are done moving. You can also ask your moving company if they have free or low costing boxes that you use from someone else’s move. 

4.Have a Garage Sale

If you are not someone who just wants to give their items away, a garage sale is a great way to get as much money for your items as possible. You can put anything in your home up for sale and then deal with whatever is left, while also making money that can help you complete your move.

5.Pick a Moving Company Worth Your Investment

Do not go cheap on your next move. It may seem like a good idea on the front end, but it could turn into a disaster at your new home. You should only pick a moving company based on their ability to move your home and their reviews and accreditations. These things can say a lot about a moving and storage company. Air-Land-Sea Van Lines is an A+ Better Business Bureau moving and storage company with an abundance of stunning reviews. Call us today for a free quote.