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For many people, the thought of unexpected issues makes moving a stressful process. Whether it's unplanned delays or damage to items, there should be a plan to minimize the risks of unexpected problems. 

As a moving and storage company, we have the expertise to know the proper way to plan for unexpected problems. This article will cover some ways you can have a smoother moving experience. 

​Planning for Unexpected Damages

One of the biggest worries for people during a relocation is their items being damaged during the process. Items can slide and move in the back of the moving truck, posing a risk for damaged items. 

While most household items can handle impacts, some items like glass and ceramic break easily. You should package fragile items with additional protection like bubble wrap to cushion against hits during the move. 

Additionally, you can improve the chances of having no damaged items by hiring a moving company to pack your belongings. An experienced residential mover will have the skills to pack your items properly, and they offer valuation insurance protection if an item arrives damaged. 

​Planning for Unexpected Delays

While we all want our long-distance relocation to go smoothly, there is always a chance for unexpected delays. The most common reasons for moving delays are severe weather and a moving truck shortage.

If you want to reduce the burden it has on you, the best thing is to bring several days worth of necessities. Bring items like toiletries, clothes, and basic cooking supplies until all of your items arrive. 

​Planning for Unexpected Emergencies

During a long-distance relocation, there are a lot of different situations that can arise and affect your relocation. Preparing for emergencies will reduce their impact on you and ease your stress.

If driving an older vehicle, you should join a service provider like the AAA Auto Club. A roadside assistance service will help if your vehicle encounters problems during the drive. 

Some of the items you should bring with you during your trip are:

  • Emergency Road Kit
  • Battery-Powered Phone Charger
  • Downloaded Navigation Maps

Planning for Unexpected Fuel Cost Increases

The price of gasoline can fluctuate depending on various factors. If you are planning a long-distance relocation, the moving truck will likely consume a lot of fuel to reach your destination. A sudden increase in gasoline can add hundreds to the cost of your relocation. 

Receiving a written estimate from a moving company can help protect you from gasoline costs. You should also give yourself flexibility in your personal transportation, as gasoline prices may rise. 

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