Every move is stressful, but when you add the heat, it can become unbearable. At ALS Van Lines we have six expert tips for keeping cool during your warm weather move. Our expert moving and storage company has been working for our satisfied customer since 1994 and we know these tips will help you make your do-it-yourself move a little more bearable. 

1. Wear Comfortable, Yet Protective Clothing

It is important to keep in mind what you are wearing during your residential move. At ALS we ask our movers to wear sports apparel, cotton, or other breathable clothing that will wick moisture away. With that in mind it is also important to make sure you have safe clothing options on. You should always wear gloves with a good grip and closed-toed shoes to protect your feet from any accidental drops or toe stubbing. 

2. Arrange for Child and Pet Care

Having all children and pets out of your home during a move is important for both their safety and your sense of peace. The doors in your home will be propped open for moving and the temperature will be hard to control. You also do not want to have to worry about anyone getting out without someone noticing. It is always best to just find a babysitter at someone else's home. 

3. Keep Water Bottles on Hand

Water is important to keep everyone hydrated during your move. You do not want to manage dehydration during such a sensitive time. It is great to have either room temperature or cold water on hand to help everyone stay hydrated. We also know that professionals love to have water available for them too!

4. Try to Create a Breeze in Your Home

Keeping your home's temperature comfortable during a warm weather move can be difficult. At ALS Van Lines we suggest running fans throughout your home to create a breeze. If you have the ability to open windows across from each other, you will also be able to create cross-ventilation using natural wind, giving your moving team a nice breeze. 

5. Check Your Vehicle's Servicing Needs

Before you start any long-distance move make sure your vehicle is up to date on all servicing needs. You will want to check your coolant and functioning AC to prevent your vehicle from overheating. It is not a great experience to be stuck on the side of the road with all of your items in the scorching heat. 

6. Take Care of Yourself

Overexerting yourself is dangerous. Make sure to think through the extent of your do-it-yourself move. Performing manual labor goes up a level of intensity during the warm weather months. It is important to take breaks and have light snacks available throughout the day. If you are even slightly questioning if lifting or moving will be too much for you, call ALS Van Lines to get your free moving quote. Our expert movers can make your warm weather move easy and seamless for you.