Are you wondering how residential movers in Atlanta calculate moving costs for their customers? Knowing how moving services are priced can help you plan, choose the best moving options for your budget, and inform the decision you make when hiring a moving company. Although every mover is different, there are some constants that you will find almost anywhere.

Local Moves Are Priced Based on Time

When residential movers in Atlanta calculate the cost of a local move, they consider the amount of time that it will take to transport the items. This is calculated using an hourly rate. Additional factors include the cost of transportation, the number of crewmembers needed for the job, and fuel expenses.

Money-Saving Tip: To save money on a local move, you want to reduce the amount of time the move will take. You can save some time by packing simple items yourself and removing obstacles that will cause delays during the packing and loading process.

Long-Distance Movers Are Priced Based on Weight

Long-distance moves are not calculated based on time. Instead, they are based on the weight of the items being moved. A mathematical formula is used to estimate the total weight of the items. A professional estimator uses and computerized system to take a detailed inventory. This estimate along with the carrier’s tariff rate determines the total relocation cost.

Money-Saving Tip: To save money on a long-distance move, you will want to drop some weight by getting rid of items that you don’t need.

Specialized Moving Services Cost Extra

Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, there are extra services that can increase the cost of your move. These can include things like custom crating of fragile items, vehicle shipping, storage, and the sale of disposable packing materials.

Money-Saving Tip: It might be tempting to forego necessary specialized moving services to save money in the short term. However, refusing these services can lead to loss or damage of highly valuable items during the move. Weigh the risk and benefits to make a choice that’s best for you.

Now that you know how moving costs are calculated, here are some important tips about the estimate themselves.

In-Home Estimates Ensure an Accurate Quote

You can get a rough moving quote over the phone, but the only way to get an accurate estimate is to have a professional come to your home and consider all the details discussed above. Your mover will also locate any troublesome areas that can affect the move, like tight hallways, stairways, and limited moving truck access.

Non-Binding Estimates are Subject to Change

If an accurate cost estimate is important to you, then make sure that you get an estimate that is binding and in writing. A non-binding estimate is legally subject to change based on unforeseen challenges and expenses. This is not the case with a binding, written estimate.

Are You Looking for an Accurate Quote from Atlanta Long-Distance Movers?

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