Are you deciding what to do with all the clothing, furnishings, and other items that you plan to leave behind during your next move? You could toss them out but that would be a waste, especially for items that are in good shape. You could sell them but that takes time and effort, and both might be in short supply when moving.

The Atlanta residential movers at ALS Van Lines might have just the solution!

Below you will find a few local Atlanta organizations that would be glad to take your unwanted belongings off your hands. It’s quick, easy, and can help many people get the things they need affordably. Visit the links below for information about the organization and how to make your donation.

AMVETS (American Veterans)

The focus of AMVETS has been to serve veterans and their families by offering job assistance and donation of essential items. They have improved the lives of thousands since they began in 1944 and their efforts largely depend on donations. American Veterans Georgia accepts the following contributions:

  • Undamaged and Unstained Clothing
  • Household Items in Good Condition
  • Furnishings

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Atlanta is committed to helping area residents obtain daily living items affordably. They also offer youth programs, spiritual support, and organize events to help those in poverty or suffering life’s hardships. Your donation would be much appreciated by the organization and the lives they touch. Items accepted include:

  • Clothing for All Ages and Sizes
  • Working Appliances
  • Unbroken Furniture
  • Children’s Toys and Games

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Low-income families find it difficult to make home repairs and to obtain necessary household furnishings and appliances. Habitat for Humanity ReStore Atlanta will be glad to take your unwanted items and help locals improve their lifestyle and independence. The following items are appreciated if clean and in working order:

  • Appliances
  • Cabinetry
  • Celling Fans
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Furniture


There are three Atlanta Goodwill locations, so you’re sure to find one near you. Goodwill provides jobs, education, and low-cost daily living items for area residents. Your unwanted items could make life a little better for area families and donating helps the organization continue with their community outreach programs. Accepted donations include:

  • Clothing for Men, Women, and Children
  • Electronics and Computers
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Home Furniture and Houseware
  • Books, Toys, and Games

Furniture Bank

If you have furniture that you plan to leave behind, consider donating it to Furniture Bank of Atlanta. They make quality furniture available to area residents and families that struggle to afford these items. They helped over 5,000 people in 2019 alone turn their houses into comfortable homes! You can donate:

  • Furniture That is Free of Stains Or Broken/Missing Pieces
  • Freestanding Furniture: No Assembly Required
  • Household Essential Items

Do You Need Help from Atlanta Movers?

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