If you’re planning to move more than 50 miles, hiring the right Atlanta long-distance movers can make a huge difference in your relocation experience. This is especially true when you are moving sentimental and high-value items like collectibles. 

Below are some quick tips that can make it safer and less stressful to relocate you collection. Whether you are hiring residential movers in Atlanta or braving a relocation yourself, these steps will serve you well!

Gather The Right Materials

It can be frustrating to start a job just to realize that you don’t have the tools you need. Here is a brief list of the materials you will need to properly pack collections large and small:

  • Moving Boxes and Dividers 
  • Packing Paper
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Bubble Roll
  • Moving Blankets
  • Packing Tape
  • Labels or Permanent Marker

Now that you are all set, here are some tips for packing your collectibles!

Tip # 1: Line Your Boxes

Give your fragile items an extra layer of protection by lining the bottom your boxes with packing paper or packing peanuts.

Tip # 2: Pack Each Item Individually

Take the time to wrap each item carefully in bubble roll or packing paper and fill any gaps or open spaces with additional paper to help prevent breakage.

Tip # 3: Watch the Tape

When taping packing materials around an item, make sure that the tape does not come into contact with the item if it will cause damage.

Tip # 4: Prevent Jostling

Once your items are placed into the moving box, with or without dividers, use packing paper or packing peanuts to fill in any gaps within the box. This keeps your belongings from moving around and breaking in transit. 

Tip # 5: Label Appropriately

Don’t rely on your memory when moving your collection. Label the packed box as “fragile” and include a basic note reminding you of what is inside of the box.

Tip # 6: Move Large Items Properly

If you are moving large collectibles, like antique furniture and artwork, you will need to use moving blankets. Wrap the item in the blanket to provide a protective barrier. An even better solution is to hire professional movers that offer custom crating. These crates are measured to fit your item exactly for the best protection possible.

Tip #7: Know When to Hire Residential Movers in Atlanta

Some moves are easy to manage on your own. Others are not. If you lack the materials, know-how, and time to properly move your collection, hire a professional. There are great Atlanta long-distance movers out there who can help. 

Tip # 8: Get Full Value Protection

If you do hire professional movers, make sure that you get the right protection plan for your valuables should they become damaged during the move. Movers are required by law to offer basic protection, but this coverage is based on weight and not value. For the protection you need, get Full Value Protection. This is especially important if you are moving valuable, lightweight items.

Tip # 9: Use Storage as Needed

Sometimes you need extra time before having your belongings delivered to your new home. To help prevent theft and damage, include storage within your moving plan. Your collection will be kept within secure vaults until you are ready to have them delivered. Check for climate-controlled storage if you are moving furniture or other items that are affected by humidity, moisture, and temperatures. 

Tip # 10: Move Small, High-Value Collections Yourself

If you hire professional movers, consider taking your small, high-value collections with you instead of placing these in the care of your movers. These collections might include things like jewelry, stamps, cards, and coins. 

Do you need help from Atlanta long-distance movers? 

At ALS Van Lines, we provide partial packing, full-service packing, custom crating, storage, and more. If you could use a helping hand when moving your collectibles, reach out today for a free quote!