ALS Van Line Services, Inc.’s crew members will adhere to all guidelines issued by U.S. Transportation Command.

Crews are screened for symptoms commonly associated with other illnesses that are easily transmissible while working in the confines of a residence (common cold, flu, etc.).

Specifically, the crew:

  • Is equipped with—and will wear—face coverings per CDC guidelines
  • Is equipped and prepared to clean surfaces they touched in your residence (though they will seek your permission before using any cleaning products on your property)
  • Represents the smallest crew required to service your move, and will adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Has been instructed and equipped to maintain good hand-hygiene

ALS Van Line Services, Inc. appreciates and request that you will implement similar protocols to ensure the safety of our crew members also. Please let us know if you—or anyone in your home—has COVID-19 symptoms or has been directed to self-quarantine.