For many Atlanta families, moving presents the perfect opportunity to sort through all that built-up junk and finally free up some space at home. The act of purging accumulated stuff can be a big stress-reliever, and for some, it’s downright fun! If you’re planning a garage sale before your big local move, make it easier by following these four simple tips.

How to Prepare for Your Moving Sale

1. Start early.
Reduce pre-garage sale stress by getting started early—at least several weeks in advance. Go through your home room by room, spending just a few minutes each day. It’s better to spread the work out than try to cram it all in one day!

2. Advertise.

To get the word out, talk to your neighbors, post on social media, put up signs around town, and advertise in the local newspaper. Remember to check with your HOA for any signage regulations.

3. Prepare supplies.

On the day of the moving sale, make sure you have everything you’ll need ready:

·  Extra stickers, price tags, hangers, and pens

·  Lots of change, including bills and coins

·  A secure cash box or belt

·  Drinks and snacks

4. Have a plan for extra stuff.

No matter how awesome your items are, there will always be things that just don’t sell. Rather than wait until you’re tired out on the day of the garage sale, create a back-up plan early:

·  Donate: Items in good condition can be donated as long as you know which local centers accept which kinds of items.

·  Throw away: Don’t be afraid to pitch the stuff that doesn’t sell. If you were willing to sell it, you probably don’t need to pay local movers to take it to your new home.

·  Store: If you do want to keep some things, short-term storage is a great option. You can also store items that you don’t plan to keep but just need to get out of the way while you focus on your move.

Why Not Arrange Your Atlanta Storage Today?

Remember, as with every part of the local moving process, it’s best to start preparing for your moving sale in advance—so get started now by contacting ALS Van Lines for a free Atlanta storage quote! We offer flexible terms and affordable prices in a 155,000-square-foot facility. Call us or submit our online form today!

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