ALS moving truck going long distance from atlanta

Whether you’re leaving the beautiful city of Atlanta to settle in another state or moving to the area from a far-away location, long-distance moving can be an exciting experience. Even so, the moving process is known to be quite complicated, and without the right planning and organization, it’s easy for things to go awry.

At ALS Van Lines, our expert team of Atlanta movers has perfected the art of the long-distance move. With over two decades of experience planning everything from complex corporate relocations to single-family moves across the globe, we’re Atlanta’s best choice for top-quality relocation services near or far. To help you get organized, we’ve shared some of our favorite long-distance relocation tips for planning a successful, seamless moving experience—to or from Atlanta.

#1: Early Planning for Easy Moving  

The first tip we can give is probably the most important one of all, and that’s to plan ahead. Starting at least a couple of months in advance will give you time to get organized with a proper moving checklist and a carefully scheduled moving calendar. It’ll also give you time to make an appointment with the best possible moving company you can find to help you with your moving strategy.

You’ll also want to carefully plan-out the days leading up to the actual move. To save time and money, coordinate your hotel stays, meals, and even gas station stops as far in advance as you can. If you need storage solutions at any point during the trip, now is also the time to start researching Atlanta storage units that can house your belongings before, during, and after the move.

#2: Book a Reputable Long-Distance Moving Company

Speaking of moving services, always do your homework before choosing a provider for your long-distance relocation. Qualified companies are licensed, insured, and well-known in your area—with an active online presence and plenty of high reviews from former customers.

Certified long-distance movers can be enormously helpful when it comes to completing a smooth and successful long-distance move. The most reputable companies are busy with appointments throughout the year, and it can be difficult to find last-minute openings. Make sure to book the one you want in advance to avoid missing out on qualified, professional moving services.

#3: Don’t Skip Out on the In-Home Estimate

Any reputable moving service will offer a free, in-home pricing estimate to evaluate your moving project. For example, at ALS Van Lines, we utilize this initial meeting as a chance to create a personalized moving strategy and timeline that suits your relocation needs and budget.

If your moving company doesn’t offer this service, proceed with extreme caution. Unprofessional moving companies are known for quoting low rates over the phone, while surprising customers with unexpected fees on moving day.

#4: Sell, Donate, or Give Away—Or Else!

When it comes to long-distance moving, the less you take, the easier your journey will be. Almost everyone has a house full of items that we keep around for no good reason, and letting them go can be incredibly therapeutic. Simplify your life by selling, donating, or giving away as much stuff as you can, and make your moving process a whole lot easier.

#5: Use Proper Packing Supplies

Another important tip for easy moving is to use proper packing supplies to keep your items organized and damage-free. At ALS Van Lines, we offer free, high-quality packing materials like moving boxes, protective padding, and mattress bags—along with helpful advice on how to use them properly. With the right boxes and protective packing materials, your items will be safe and secure for long-distance travel to your new location.

Long-distance moving is known for being stressful, but the right moving company will know exactly what to do to make your relocation experience a breeze. For more helpful tips on moving a long distance, give the friendly team at ALS Van Lines a call. You can also request a free, in-home pricing estimate for our moving services and Atlanta storage units by filling out our online form now.