There’s a reason so many people love the magic of a good spring cleaning. All that scrubbing, sorting, and elbow grease are worth it when you feel accomplished, focused, and organized — the perfect way to ring in the spring! Cleaning can be a difficult task though. Where should you start? What duties are top priority for homeowners in Atlanta? Storage ideas?

We asked our team of local movers in Atlanta (who know a thing or two about organizing, if we do say so ourselves…) to weigh in on the top spring cleaning tips in the business. Here’s what they came up with!

Start Your Spring Cleaning with a De-Cluttering

You can’t argue with the logic of our local movers in Atlanta…the fewer items you have to clean, the less time you need to spend cleaning! That’s why they recommend beginning your spring cleaning routine with an extensive de-cluttering of your home. Once you’re finished, you’ll be amazed at how free you feel in your “new” home.

Here’s what to focus on:

  • Your Closets: remove all your clothing, and keep only items that you wear regularly. Consider Atlanta storage companies to keep seasonal items in safekeeping if you’re still short on space.
  • Toys: Have your kids select toys that they’d be willing to donate — this can be an excellent opportunity for them to learn about sharing and generosity.
  • Films: When was the last time you actually used a VHS (or even a DVD!) With digital copies on the rise, fewer and fewer people need to keep physical copies of their films on hand. Consider donating relevant titles to a local school or library.
  • Food: Clean out your fridge and cupboards. Toss anything you never use, and certainly anything that’s expired.
  • Paperwork: Do you really need that deposit slip from 20 years ago? Keep relevant files neatly in a file folder, and toss the rest.

Get Scrubbing!

Now that you’ve opened space in your home, it’s time to start spring cleaning! We recommend getting the whole family involved. Decide who will tackle which necessary duties and make a day of it. You can entice your kids (or even your spouse) with a pizza party to celebrate a successful day of spring cleaning.

Here are the main duties to tackle:

  • Vents (dust the filters)
  • Fridge (clean all removable parts and shelves)
  • Dusting (don’t forget those ceiling fans and lighting fixtures!)
  • Carpets (rent a shampooer for maximum freshness)
  • The yard (cutting the grass, raking the leaves, and picking up any debris left over after winter)
  • Alarms (replace the batteries of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors)
  • Windows (use a squeegee for a streak-free finish)
  • Regular cleaning duties (vacuuming, bathrooms … you know the drill!)

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