Marietta residential movers

Moving to a new home brings a lot of changes, and those changes extend to much more than just a change of scenery! From new schools and jobs to learning the layout of your new property, making a house feel like a family home takes time—and a lot of effort!

At ALS Van Lines, we know how overwhelming the moving process can be even after your Marietta movers have pulled away at the end of the big day. Out of all the items on your to-do list after arriving at your new home, unpacking the countless boxes is generally one of the biggest stresses.  However, that doesn’t mean that you have to have your home cleared of moving boxes before you can start enjoying your space!

To give you some insight on how you can begin the process of loving your new home before the boxes are all unpacked, consider the following tips and tricks from our Marietta residential movers:  

·  Label Boxes Properly- Writing the word “Clothes” on a moving box might tell you what’s in it, but where does that box actually go? When packing up your current home, take the extra time to write detailed labels of the content and location for each box. Not only will this help your Marietta moving company, but it will also prevent you from the struggle of shuffling heavy boxes around.

·  Pack a Moving Bag- The last thing that you want to do after the chaos of moving day is dig through boxes to find basic essentials. Avoid the hassle by having each family member pack a small suitcase or backpack with everything they need for a couple days. From toothbrushes to clean changes of clothes, having the necessities will help ease the stress of the immediate transition.

·  Start With the Kitchen- The kitchen is an ideal place to start unpacking, since one thing is for certain—everyone is going to need to eat! Kitchens tend to be tedious to unpack, so getting this task accomplished will free up time to move to other areas of the home. Plus, you’ll be saving money by not having to order take-out for every meal!

·  Make a Plan- After the kitchen is set up, it is time to prioritize getting the rest of your house unpacked, but don’t pressure yourself to rush into it all within the first few days! Make a plan for the essential areas of the home, particularly the bathrooms and bedrooms, and just tackle one room at a time before moving on to the next.

Having your belongings in perfect order isn’t what makes or breaks a home, and there are plenty of ways to start enjoying your new life well before the last box is unpacked and hauled to the curb. For more information on how to streamline the moving process and eliminate stress, give the Marietta movers at ALS Van Lines a call today or submit our simple online quote form now!