Purging before a move

If you’re planning a move, it’s a great time to take a long look at the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years and purge the things that are doing nothing more than taking up space. Parting with some items can be hard at first (We’re talking to you, kids’ macaroni artwork!), but you’ll feel better in the end when you’re setting up house without the burden of 20 extras boxes of stuff you don’t need—or really even want. Before our Columbus household moving company pulls up on moving day, set aside some time to purge those unwanted items. Here are few good reasons why you should!

You Can Buy New Window Cleaner 
Do you really want to keep those old cleaning products with a crusty brown ring around the lid? Is that bottle of Windex you’ve had since college really worth having our Columbus household movers pack in a box that you’ll send off with a wish and prayer that they won’t leak all over the place? Most people have cleaning items they never use, and moving is a perfect opportunity to get rid of them and replace them with products that didn’t pass their best-by dates 15 years ago.

You’re Not Going to Wear Your Prom Dress Again—Ever
Even if your new home has closets to rival Mariah Carey’s, you still do not need to bring along your old prom dress, those shoes you wore for 10 minutes before realizing the pain wasn’t worth it, or the jeans that you are sure you’ll fit into again one day—oh, and toss the dust-covered treadmill while you’re at it! The general rule is that if you haven’t worn an item in a year, toss it. Plus, getting rid of a bunch of old clothes means you’ll have to go shopping once you get settled in to your new home!

You Could Earn Some Money or Help Someone in Need
Instead of lugging your never-used stuff to the new house where you’ll likely not even unpack it for years, hold a yard sale or donate it to a good cause. If you could use the extra money, it’s worth the work of holding a yard sale (it’s a LOT of work.) If not, there are many charitable organizations that would be happy to come get your stuff. All you have to do is give them a call and schedule a pick up date!

Have You Seen an Episode of Hoarders? That’s Why. 
You’re probably tons of extra stuff away from having the camera crew from this show appear on your doorstep, but you don’t want to move in that direction! Most people have way more stuff than they even realize, and doing an honest purge before a move is a perfect time to whittle down your belongings and keep only the things you use or that you really love. Use your move to purge all the stuff you don’t need today, and you won’t have to dig through piles of clothes to find your cat tomorrow.

Purging Feels Good
Purging your unnecessary items can feel like a load has lifted—even if you didn’t feel particularly burdened by them. You’ll be able to set up your new home without having to find places for things you don’t need, and less clutter means a house that is easier to clean and more enjoyable to spend time in!

If you’re planning a move, contact our Columbus residential moving company for a free, accurate moving estimate. Whether you decide to lighten your load or not, our residential movers will provide exceptional service that helps take the stress out of moving! Give ALS Van Lines a call to speak with a relocation specialist, or fill out our online contact form today!