Moving Tips

Leave the stress behind as you plan your move to a new place. With a few simple steps and the help of the Douglasville household movers at ALS Van Lines, your next move can be an easy and fun experience.  

Start Early

You should start thinking about packing the moment you sign your new home contract. Packing is a lot more than just putting your belongings in a box and taping them up. It involves planning, organizing, and coordination. To reduce any stressful rushing, you should give yourself plenty of time before your move date to get everything together.

Clean up Your Junk

More things mean more problems. One thing that you want to avoid when moving is packing things that you don’t need anymore. It’s a good idea to give your house a thorough cleaning before you start packing. Separate things into three piles: trash, donate, and sell. Then throw away or recycle all the extra papers and magazines laying around, donate the things you don’t need any more to a charity, and sell the rest at a yard sale!

Organization is Key

Having a packing plan will make this process a lot less stressful. It’s a good idea to map out your house and pack one room at a time. Labeling boxes as you go will allow you to know what room they go in and what items are in them when you get to your new house. You should also leave out the stuff you’re going to need right away such as personal items, toiletries, towels, and kids’ toys, so you’re not digging through boxes to find them.

Stay Calm and Flexible

When moving, something will always go wrong. A lamp will break, you’ll leave behind a hamster, or you’ll mix up box labels. It’s important to stay calm and flexible in these situations and remember that your Douglasville residential movers are here to take care of the hard work. Make the whole experience more fun and enjoyable by getting your family involved, ordering some pizza, turning on dance music, or having your friends over for a packing party.

Take Time to Reflect

Moving isn’t just about transferring your belongings from one house to another. It’s also about leaving behind friends, family, and memories to make new ones. Moving can be an emotional experience for your whole family, which is why it’s so important that you take a breather and time to reflect. Whether it’s seeing your favorite places and friends one last time or throwing a goodbye party, take time to appreciate the memories and good times you had in that place, while still focusing on the fun that lies on the other side of all those boxes.

Moving can often be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Call ALS Van Lines, the premier Douglasville moving company, to help you make your next move less stressful, and more fun!