Peachtree City Movers

Moving can be tough, especially with pets.

For your pets, moving can be even more stressful. Their entire life is uprooted and they don’t understand what is going on.

Peachtree City movers, ALS Van Lines, have moved many families and their pets throughout the years and they have learned a few tricks. To minimize the stress, follow these tips:

  • Prepare- Get your pets ready for the trip by taking them on progressively longer car trips. Make sure your new neighborhood is pet friendly and find places to walk and play with your pets.
  • Pack- When you are packing up your belongings, keep some of their favorite toys out so they have some familiarity. When it is moving day, be sure to keep them in a separate room of the house with food and water.  This will keep them from running out of the door or getting underfoot of the movers.
  • Road Trip- Keep them in their crates throughout the trip.  Also, make sure you stop enough times to let your pets go to the bathroom.  
  • Getting Settled- When it comes to getting settled in the new house, pets usually take some time to get acclimated to the new space. Set up a corner or a room with their toys and let them get used to that area first. 

Moving can be really difficult for your pets, but if you follow these tips your pets will be ruling the roost again before too long!

Looking for a Peachtree City moving company? Call the moving experts at ALS Van Lines. Their professional movers have the expertise and skills necessary to help you stress less and enjoy the move more.  Call or visit their website to get your FREE quote today!