You deserve to have the most seamless, stress-free moving experience possible without having to empty your bank account! There’s a lot to consider on moving day, but planning ahead and thinking creatively will save you a surprising amount of time and money! At Air-Land-Sea, our moving company in Augusta is committed to easing your journey from start-to-finish! Some simple moving tips for a streamlined transition include:

·  Notify Post Office

Notify the post office with your change of address, so you can start receiving your mail immediately.

·  Track Old and New Accounts

Make a list of your old and new accounts, such as credit cards, utilities, and bank information. Close or open accounts as needed before your move.

·  Research Your Movers

Make sure to choose movers who are BBB-accredited. If you’re completing a long-distance move, ensure that they’re an agent of a larger van line.

·  Pack Overnight Bag, Other Essentials

Pack everything you’ll need right away in an overnight bag or a clear bin for easy access when you reach your new home.

·  Purge Unneeded Items

Have a garage sale or donate your usable but unwanted items. If you’re hiring professional movers, this will save you space, and space is money!

·  Get Free Boxes

You can get free used boxes at grocery stores and restaurants. To save money on packing materials, use towels and blankets instead of packing peanuts.

·  Hire Movers to Handle Fragile Items

The cost of replacing a treasured piano may outweigh the price of professional moving services.

·  Defrost Refrigerator 24-48 Hours In Advance

Towel-dry and clean your refrigerator to prevent a mess on moving day!

·  Document Computer Setup

Take pictures of your computer and cords and label ports in advance for easy setup on moving day.

·  Pack/Unpack By Room

Label your boxes in advance and pack by room to save time on moving day.

Your Atlanta movers at ALS Van Lines are here to help! We offer full-service packing, custom crating, and unpacking services for your convenience. Contact us today to learn more about the best moving company in Atlanta.

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