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Kids screaming, dogs crying, stuff overflowing from the car, this wasn’t what you signed up for when you took the new job in Atlanta. It might not be an ideal situation, but the move is happening. How do you get everyone on board?

Kids tend to have a lot of trouble with moving, especially if they have never moved before. It’s a lot of change and quickly. Many adults have a hard time adjusting to the transition. The benefit kids have is that they don’t quite understand the whole process, so you can frame it to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Start by being up front and honest with your kids. Don’t try to surprise them with the move at the last minute. This doesn’t give them the opportunity to grieve if that’s in their process. Be sure to frame it as an adventure and give them something to look forward. Show them their new home and maybe even get them excited about possible room decorations. If there are any attractions in the area, this can give your kids something more tangible to look forward to.

Be sure to answer their questions and be patient with them as they process the change. They may want to make sure that their dog is coming with or that you will come back to visit with friends. Address these concerns and find a way to ease any big fears they may be feeling.

Giving your child something to be in charge of usually helps them feel like they have some control over a scary situation. Whether that’s packing up a box of toys, packing their overnight bags, or helping plan the driving route, these tasks give your child a way to frame the process.

Moving is never easy, but with the right help and diligence it can be much more manageable. Call Atlanta movers, ALS Van Lines  for moving help and services to make your move a smooth success!